Diet part three.

What should come in the final part? (Final part? You’ve only just started.)

Remember as Churchill once said:

This is not the end nor is it the beginning of the end; it is the end of the beginning.”

What should come at the end of the introduction?

This is an area where I feel less confident. I want to talk about foods but know everyone is different in so many ways. All I can do therefore, is give examples of what’s worked for me and perhaps open up some new areas for consideration.

Firstly I can definitely say that I have reduced my intake of meat. Secondly, processed food has also been reduced; apart from cheese. I will never give up cheese. As a compromise, cheese is now an ingredient as opposed to the main part of a sandwich or salad.

Meat has been substituted by pulses. The main ones are green lentils, red lentils, chick peas and beans. (I like pinto beans.) The sort of dishes we have cooked have been bean chillies, bolognese with green and red lentils (with cheese on them) and various pulse based bakes. This actually, with the help of weighing scales gives us a better level of calorie control-not so much control but awareness.

This has allowed us to plan evening meals with a good balance of foods.

What about the hours of daylight?

These can be killer times. You may be under constant attack from the enemy buttons.

What shall you have for breakfast or luch? How can you keep yourself going all day?

This is where people are so different. I can here some say:

I feel ill if I don’t eat.” or “I’ll go all floppy” or (like my daughter, “I will personally rip your head off if you cross me whilst I’m hungry.”

This is where it could be a good idea to look at the calorie checker. Perhaps you might feel better if you write your own menu, complete with calorie count. (Sounds a bit anal but it does work for some people.)

I will sign off with three ideas which I have come to love over the past few years. These are creations of my wife who is a creative person in every aspect of life. She’s rather good at art as well.


Trim whole carrots and boil for about five minutes or until you can feel some give on the edge when pronged with a knife.

Drain them then slice long ways. The can be about 5-10mm thick. Sprinkle liberally with coriander leaves, then a little bit of salt, pepper and olive oil. They’re such a great accompaniment for anything.

Courgettes and onions:

Onions can be gently fried in a tiny bit of oil. Then you can cut the courgettes any way you like and add them to the pan. Lovely warm with any form of citrus juice or oil etc.


As a base for a home made coleslaw grate or make lomger strips of raw beetroot with thinly sliced red or spring onions. You can add carrots or even fennel. If you dress them with a touch of olive oil and mayonnaise (or plain yoghurt) they can make a really toothsome salad.

I’m not going to finish with a list of foods to avoid. That’s up to the individual. By aiming (sometimes failing) at a certain number of calories a day and trying to keep to it, I have lost weight steadily. It is a year long thing to start with. I’ll make my own judgements next July.

Thanks for reading.



Author: mcchrystalise

Because of MS, (it's a swine of a thing) I no longer work because I no longer work. I blog about the things I think about. I love music.

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