Shakespeare is worth it but……

William Shakespeare is famous for his plots and sub-plots. This is part of the fascination. His gift for knitting together the most extraordinary expositions, developments and outcomes graced with exquisite expressionism, keeps him at the forefront of the literary and dramatic world. His work is power.


If you want some of this power, you have to embark on some course of learning. You may wish to do it collectively with like-minded people, under the tutelage of an experienced Shakespearean aficionado. Or you could go it alone. There is a wealth of information online or hiding on the dustier shelves of our great libraries; kept discreetly apart from the Catherine Cooksons or Philip Pullmans. Either way, with some level of determination you can begin to gain some foothold into the man’s genius and realise just how damn sexy he is. I mean that in an artistic sense of

Similarly, I could eulogise about the music of Mozart, a man who was still writing the overture to the Magic Flute the night before its first performance. Now there’s one complicated plot. It is too complex for me; complexity for the sake of complexity.

download (1)
Papageno with his flute.

I like the word though; it has a hint of the onomatopoeia about it. But it goes deeper than splash, is a little more expressive that bash and carries more impact than grunt. Now, can we think of a current over-complex plot? How about the upcoming drama of the referendum on the European Union.


While it’s plot may be more complex than The Tempest, I find no desire to begin unpicking it for any traces of enlightenment. The reason? Well as my late Grandmother would have said: “It’s all my arse and Paddy’s elbow.”


Now that is a brilliant description of complexity for its own sake. Yes, the European debate has taken on new levels of complication. The real issues appear to have been hidden by the  politicians’ tendency for making things personal. Is this more about a struggle for power? Can you imagine the respective outcomes of in or out?

We vote in: Cameron gets a PHd in smugness as his already over-inflated idea of self-importance goes into re-heat.


Gove, Johnson and the other worms begin eating each other before finally emerging from the tin with their own ideas of healing the wounds of opportunistic ambition. Cameron’s face, as he looks at them crawling out back into the light: “Go on, slime balls, make yourselves prime minister after that!” Imagine the wailings of Farage.


You may have already noticed how much his head bobbles sharply when he talks. It would probably go into some turbo-charged Tarantella before bursting into flames.


The vote is out: All change. Johnson struts majestically about the corridors of Parliament with Gove just behind him, trying desperately to keep in step.

           20160531_144247             20160531_144155.jpg

Then Duncan Smith morphs into his evil alter-ego as he finds ways of making everyone “pay” for chasing him out of office.


Cameron is seen momentarily scurrying about on a different floor, trailing brown slime and enquiring about advances in gunpowder technology. This is before having to face questions about getting into bed with the enemy.


And Farage? You may have already noticed how much his head bobbles sharply when he talks. It would probably go into some turbo-charged Tarantella before bursting into flames.


Somehow I get the idea of same old same old with the glorious leader of the memberless party. I know they have one MP but he hates him anyway. So with each camp winding up the electorate with issues fuelled by basic instincts and emotion, they are engaging in a squabble of unprecedented political magnitude.


All I can say is vote against the people you like the least. Difficult isn’t it? I suspect that despite its top-billing it will make little difference either way. What have I just said? There are so many genuine day to day issues which give credence to either vote. The questions of immigration, jobs, exports and that transatlantic trade deal will affect us ordinary humble folk. But for the fat cats? And I include the politicians. I doubt it would make any difference to their gathering of extreme wealth. Oh, and how about Gideon, the smiling assassin? Perhaps he’ll just continue his stealth offensive between sniffs; systematically eliminating each opponent before he is the only possible candidate for the next Conservative leader.

20160531_144110 (1)

So I say vote with your heart because like so many other people I’ve spoken to, it’s doing my head in.


Author: mcchrystalise

Because of MS, (it's a swine of a thing) I no longer work because I no longer work. I blog about the things I think about. I love music.

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