Brexit, Brinit.

“The greatest uncertainty associated with leaving the EU is that no country has ever done it before, so no one can predict the exact result.”


The above is from “The Week”, in which it aims to give a reasoned, succinct and balanced summary of the main issues. It’s a short but complex article. Would you be inclined to read it through? It covers trade, investment, the membership fee, immigration and security. The last two points are the most tangible for us common people. You can really whip up public passion with those two topics. You can also play the patriot card and proclaim our pride as an independent island nation, needing to break away from the dominance of the germans et al. Equally so, one could claim that once out of the EU, bigger fish will set their greedy little sights on us as easy pickings; the Americans, the Chinese, even the Indians and, (dare I say it?) the Russians.


Let us take two scenarios; an in and out one. This is where we do joined up thinking. It’s quite easy to do if you’re sitting on a bus or lying awake at night. At school we may have called it brain storming. But this phrase was replaced as a thought shower due to fears of association with mental illness. I wonder if that was an EU directive? (No!)20160602_141354

Firstly, we vote out: Hundreds of thousands of European migrants will no longer be allowed to work in the UK. There will be chaos at the airports. Cheap labour will disappear. No-one will be available to pick or pack our home-grown fruit and vegetables. Food will go to waste. Prices will rise. The nation will be less inclined to eat fresh food. A deal will be struck with whoever to import cheap produce. It will be inferior or GM produced. Foreign food gangs will go underground as an illegal trade is established. The money saved on donations to the European kitty will be creamed off by most wealthy. The population’s health will suffer. The NHS will eat itself.20160602_124713


This may sound ludicrous that someone like me could possibly expect this to be accurate or realistic; of course, it is pure conjecture.

So let’s conjecturise about staying: (I’m claiming that as a new word.) Everyone comes to the UK. There is mass seasonal migration into and around the country. The housing shortage goes into meltdown. Workers camps emerge at the roadside. They begin to infiltrate the more typical British professions. We will now have to deal with East European accents at call centres. Polish and Romanian become core subjects. The increasing burden of non-english speaking children destroys the education system.960

Equally ludicrous. But isn’t the political bandwagon also using a similar dogma based on such flimsy predictions? What gets humans going? How do you get people to follow your way? Scare them or tempt them. Set up lifestyle ideals. Give them that yellow brick road.Follow-The-Yellow-Brick-Road

Perhaps you could put together you own thought storm or brain shower (whatever), focusing on what will affect you. Just do it in your head.(I rather like this joined up, semi chain reaction type of theorising.) Then search your conscience. Forget the politicians. There are plenty of reasoned arguments set out for and against on pages like the link above. Try “The Conversation”, another independent online blog site which avoids the fire and brimstone scare-mongering. Know before you vote. And if you already know, know a bit more. Again, I’m just throwing ideas around, trying not to let it do my head in.20160602_124118

Thank-you for reading.


Author: mcchrystalise

Because of MS, (it's a swine of a thing) I no longer work because I no longer work. I blog about the things I think about. I love music.

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