This could be the dullest article ever. Pottering does not sound like anything at all. You could try putting some form of adjective before it: Dynamic pottering, epic pottering, useful pottering, heroic pottering, Harry pottering; that’s when your pottering is pestering someone into doing something. But pottering is all I have achieved. My flat is a pottering paradise. It is open and accessible. My new chair is marvellous. It whizzes about (dynamically) taking great chunks out of the door frames. It devastates little piles of useful objects, meticulously placed in a previous potter. Then I get to potter even more. And now the pottering is beginning to take over.

The freezer is packed tight because I like to potter in the kitchen. 20160728_125831In the early evening thoughts of creative culinary pottering crawl into my head: “Oh, I’ll just do a healthy bean casserole. I fancy making a chick pea and sweet potato curry. Oh, I’ve got some meat in the freezer, I can something with that.” And so it goes on.

Last night, I created some sun-dried tomatoes. Well, they were dried in the oven so they could possibly be sunbed-dried tomatoes, straight from the tanning studio.20160728_125308 Now I can make a focaccia with chopped chilli and sunbed-dried tomato. Of course, there is nowhere to put it. I’ve just put some freshly baked wholemeal rolls in the freezer, neatly wrapped in re-sealable freezer bags. (very potterish.) 20160728_125555I’ll have to eat it all in one go. I cannot possibly be wasted. What can I do? I could actually make a list of the contents of the freezer and plan a long term menu. (Too organised.) I could take something out and surprise myself, giving me the satisfaction of being a cook of wondrous variety. (Possible) I could send out invitations to everyone I know to come and try my home-grown ready meals. (It’ll end in beers.) Or I could just be patient and stifle my creative urges.

Do you know, I have run out of Tupperware? Last night, I had to put the remaining pork and cannellini bean stew into a Tesco’s plum tomato container. 20160728_125714It was all thin and plastic with clingfilm on the top. It is denying me the satisfaction of a nice chunky click when I close it to be preserved in my arctic oven. Well, that’s it! Pottering is on hold. Now where is the other packet of plum tomatoes to whack into the slow oven?

I blame celebrity Masterchef. I can actually tolerate the laddish over-serious baying of Greg Wallace and John Torode. Watching slightly famous people being put on the spot and using their own culinary expertise is truly interesting. But there was a young lady on the other day. She was a Paralympian. She had been born without a complete right hand but she got herself in that kitchen and competed. She hasn’t made the final and I can’t even remember her name. But it was inspiring.

If you have made it this far, I give you a big thank-you for reading.


Author: mcchrystalise

Because of MS, (it's a swine of a thing) I no longer work because I no longer work. I blog about the things I think about. I love music.

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