Staying in

I haven’t been out for ten days. I’ve been a bit poorly but it doesn’t usually stop me from rambling up and down the road. Many times I have wrapped myself up and battled the bumps on the pavement to go and feel useful up in town.

I don’t know what to blame for such indolence. I think I could well blame Tesco’s Online. I can also blame Amazon and having a fairly comfortable flat. Oh, and my mate Steve comes to see me. I’ve known Steve and his lovely wife Jane for over forty years. We were at University College Chester together.

We learnt such a lot about friendship, music and fixing cars. Thanks to Steve, I embraced all manner of car repairs. In fact, our history can be traced through the cars we have fixed. My first car, a Ford Escort van; what was the first job we did? We changed the engine! Epic. I even crashed his pride and joy. The Frog Eye Sprite was wrapped around a Mark 1 Escort. The driver said I should have been dead. But he was from Dingle. I allowed him that little moment of anger.

I spent the night in hospital but they let me out without anything but a nice lunch of chicken and mashed potato. Fair dinkum as they say down under.

Then in 1984, Steve was starting up his first business. I was flat broke so I offered myself for four weeks for nothing more than the price of bed and breakfast. Hang on, that’s quite expensive really. Oh and he bought all my beer, sorted out a car and welded it all up. Erm, what a friend!

From that time, I knew I wanted to move down to the great fat underbelly of the south east. So I did in 1993. In between there were many moments of fun, beer and Festive. Festive was a product of the old King and Barnes brewery. It was rich and fart inducing.

So I haven’t been out. I’m not scared of going out. I don’t think of other people as agents of the devil. I’m quite capable of going out. People are really nice to me. But I haven’t been out because I have been comfortable at home with just me and Seymour.

I’ll go out soon when I find the need. I’m sitting her reflecting about the past and what’s been important to me. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge; some of it torrential. I sit here thinking about the future of my daughter and my health. But I’ve been released from some pressures. I an re-learning about taking it easy. Now I’m thinking about the coming week.

Adult social care are sending someone from their financial support hit squad to see if I qualify for a free Lifeline. I’m going to look at a school for Rose and Majestic are bringing my wine order. I don’t drink a great deal of wine these days. Oh, and the ubiquitous Tesco are bringing some shopping.

It’s not exactly action-packed but it’s enough to get me up in the morning. I’m also due to receive two new towels and a drying rack (curse you Amazon). I have to wait a little longer for the robot vacuum cleaner. The tension!

I wonder what the cleaner is going to moan about on Wednesday? It’s always a case of who snaps first. I like to leave it until she’s done the bathroom but sometimes I can’t help myself. “Do want a cup of coffee then?” Cue a brief but deep discussion of what life throws at us. Is there any football on telly this week?

Thank-you for reading.


Author: mcchrystalise

Because of MS, (it's a swine of a thing) I no longer work because I no longer work. I blog about the things I think about. I love music.

2 thoughts on “Staying in”

  1. I have had a day doing not a lot, Heather has been in and out all day, I declined to join her and was comfortable in my own skin. It’s been nice, nothing more than nice but it has been nice. Enjoy it because I know what it is to be pi##ed off with company. Don


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