Seymour and Monica

At the age of 61, not far off 62, I can say that I’ve met a lot of characters who grace our world. I have met lots of people. Some were fantastic, some where treacherous, some were pathetic and some were worthy of respect. Recently I met Monica. The first visit was awesome. Monica arrieved with two daughters and a grand daughter who proceeded to make a huge fuss of Seymour. He loved it. Monica herself came with a list of questions and an element of excitement. She left in total love with Seymour. Who wouldn’t? The boy’s a total tart. He’s been such a good pal to me. But things move on and I need to move to a catless community. It’s no problem for me. I have always loved my cats but I am pragmatic. Seymour neeed to go to a loving home where he could luxuriate in the best of flattery and adoration. So far I’ve had a few “where’s the bloody cat” moments but I’m happy to know he’s in a good place. But I’m so pleased to have met Monica. As I said, I’ve met a lot of people but the absolute pleasure of meeting her has left me both up-lifted and enlightened. She is the same age as my dad (88) and has raised a beautiful talented family. She is proud of them. She is also full of amusing little annecdotes. I love her honesty and sincerity. Monica will be a brilliant servant to the boy and I’m now looking forward to visiting in the near future just to tickle his chin and stroke his tummy. I’m already learning about his curiosity but I feel honoured to know Monica. I feel the same, if not more about my dad. It’s a hell of an age.

Thank you for reading.


Author: mcchrystalise

Because of MS, (it's a swine of a thing) I no longer work because I no longer work. I blog about the things I think about. I love music.

One thought on “Seymour and Monica”

  1. Aw Steve, that’s beautiful – and how true. She is an awesome lady and a force of nature. I love her to bits. So happy she and Seymour now have each other and that you know he couldn’t have gone to a more loving home xx


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