Dieting: A realistic battle plan.


How can you begin to formulate a diet? It’s a war out there. You’re constantly fighting your body buttons. These buttons can be overwhelming:




Needs (Emotional and physical. Real and presumed.)




What can you offer in reply? A seemingly brutal regime of bodily punishment that only bears fruit in minute stages over a long period of time?

The thing is, the buttons are crafty. They get together to plot against you and Team Diet. I say team but it’s really only you.

Throughout the course of this I will refer to the buttons and the dangers they may present. In fact I may well add to the list. So the mountain grows. How do you start?

Does a shock work?

Going past a mirror or going on the scales in the presence of others. A diagnosis and prognosis from a doctor. A picture. Not fitting in to something you bought last year.

Shocks are a good kick start for the mind. But ss soon as you are shocked some of the buttons will come into play:

Tradition:  It’s expected at my age.

Needs: But I’m under a bit of stress at the moment.

I need the energy to get through the day.

Boredom: It’s going to take me ages.

Conformity: Everyone else is having sandwiches or                 take aways and all I have is some rabbit food and an                 apple.

Social: In your house there may be others with no need or desire to diet. Even with the best of intentions they may well put you under pressure to eat similarly to them. They will have their own ideas.

Other buttons could be pressed. Watch out for them. This brings us to hurdle number one. Find your own way of clearing your mind. Personally, I write them down as a reminder. Next to each one (any of the above), I’ll write down a strategy for doing battle with them. This would include a target weight with a time-related scale.

Formulate your initial strategy and share it with those around you. Reveal the first step of your target. For example, half a stone after two months.

Then let battle commence.